Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I´m in Brazil!!

Oi family!!
I´ve made it to Brazil and I`m doing great! They´re letting us email to let you know we made it :) The flight was long, but not too bad. I sat by the nicest Brazilian EVER. She was seriously so cute and helpful. She lives in floranopolis and gave me her email so I can contact her if I ever take a vacation down there haha. Brazil is crazy, but I love it!! Soooo green and so many cool trees. There was someone there to pick us up from the airport in a big van. Driving in Brazil is insane. Everyone just weaves around everyone and motorcycles wizz by and just in our short 10 minute drive like 2 cops and 3 ambulancia drove past us hahaha. Once we got to the MTC they let us shower... And yes mom, it´s true. There are lots of tiny little bugs in the showers haha. My companion is sister Klimes and she´s super sweet so it´s all good there. 
I better go. I´m good! Soooooooo hot and wet but good haha.
Love you guys!!

Sister Anderson