Monday, August 14, 2017

Come Unto Christ

Well, it´s officially my last week in Brazil and the last email I will send out! If you´re surprised, don´t worry, because I´m just as surprised as you are! The time has seriously flown by-- and I would never trade these last 18 months for anything!!
A while ago Sister Taylor and I had a conversation about how we can´t imagine how our lives would be without our missions. It has made such a big difference for the better that I really can´t imagine how my life would be without all of the things I have learned and all of the ways I´ve grown!
This week we were able to have a mission council with President and Sister Houseman. Something that really touched me was when President talked about how he wants us to be converted to CHRIST and not just to His work. Sister Houseman added that our missions shouldn´t be a spiritual peak in our lives, but instead create a base for how the rest of our lives will be. I can truly feel that during this time here in Brazil I´ve come to know my Savior and be converted to HIM. In Elder Eyring´s talk from the last General Conference in the Priesthood Session he said, "I testify that we come to know Him best by working with Him and serving Him in the great work of bringing salvation to God´s children."  I know that this is true and I´m so grateful that I was able to see the conversion of so many people to Christ, including my own!
I know that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He lives! I know that He has power to change any heart and any life-- I´ve had the immense blessing in my life to see that over and over again. I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and that the peace we receive from repentance is real and powerful. I know that´s Christ´s invitation for us to COME UNTO HIM truly is for all and that there is NOTHING more important that we can do in this life.
This is a scripture from my studies today that really touched me--
Mosiah 26:23-24
23 For it is that taketh upon me the sins of the world; for it is that hath created them; and it is that granteth unto him that believeth unto the end place at my right hand.
24 For behold, in my name are they called; and if they know me they shall come forth, and shall have place eternally at my right hand.
It is my hope and prayer that one day we can all be found at the right hand of God to live with Him in a state of never ending happiness! (Mosiah 2:41)
Thanks for all of the love, support, and prayers!
Love you all so much! 
Sister Anderson 

The group that´s going home with me! (taken at mission council)

My trio

Sister L. Silva and I

Monday, August 7, 2017

Saturday Night Miracles

Óla meus amigos! 

I hope everyone is doing great! 
This week was a little more challenging, not gonna lie. Lots of rejection-- everything from angry moms to having people literally run away from us. It was almost hard to believe just how much it happened this week! But at the end of every trial there´s always a blessing, and that´s what happened for us! 

There we were saturday night, without anyone to visit, and without anyone to go to church on sunday. Well after a lot of prayer and actually starting a fast to be able to have investigators in church, the dear Sister Leite remembered a man named Sergio-- a reference from some members that we had been trying to contact, but who we had never been able to find home. BUT, we thought we would give it just one more shot, and guess who was home-- Sergio! He loved hearing the message of the Restoration and canceled a work appointment that he had for sunday morning to be able to go to church! He was seated in the chapel on sunday even before we got there! :) 

That´s the miracle part of the story. And now the funny part of the story-- Sergio has a pet monkey-- the kind that´s in the movie Rio that likes to steal everything! Well, first thing was that I learned that I have a serious fear of monkeys. Like I start crying fear haha. Second funny thing is that during the lesson it was laying on Sister Taylors lap. She just sat there petting it and it was actually really cute! But then suddenly he sat up, stayed there for a second and then started hopping all over the place again. And do you know what was in Sister Taylor´s lap? A huge puddle of monkey pee!! Hahaha. It was way hilarious :D 

Sunday was a super happy day though! I love being able to go to church to learn more about the Gospel and to partake of the sacrament! One of the best parts was that Gabriella got up in sacrament meeting to bear her testimony! Everyone told us afterwards that it was the best part of the meeting :) 

I love being a missionary more than I can express and I am beyond grateful for the way that it has changed my life and changed my testimony! I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeember and that this is His Restored Church here on the earth! 

Lots of love! 
Sister Anderson 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Gabi was Baptized!

Wow, I can´t believe tomorrow is already August! Time is FLYIN!

This week was really great though! 

Gabriela was baptized!!! It was absolutely amazing to find her as an atheist and a couple of months later for her to have her own testimony of Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of the Gospel! Her confirmation on Sunday was very special as well :) In the blessing, Bishop blessed her to be able to prepare to take the Gospel to other people in the world.... Future missionary!! 

Another huge blessing this week was starting to teach a sweet young girl named Stefany! She went to church a couple weeks ago with her cousin who is a member in Gravatá. Turns out she´s already been to church a couple of times in Gravatá and LOVES it! After teaching her about the restoration of the Gospel, she said "why can´t everyone think this way??"-- I totally agree with her! It would be so much better if everyone knew that God calls living prophets today and that Christ´s church is here on the Earth! We went back the next day to teach her mom and when we started to talk about the first vision Stefany said that it is something that she is never going to forget because it touched her so deeply! I´m SO grateful for people who are pure in heart and are ready to hear the Holy Ghost testify of God´s truths! 

This week we were able to visit the temple with Maria José and Flavio! At the temple we met a woman who had served in our mission a year ago who was getting sealed that day. Well turns out, it was this missionary that had baptized Doralice, Maria José´s sister! And so thanks to her missionary work Maria José and Flavio were able to come to know the true Gospel as well! This returned missionary was SO happy to know that! We really don´t understand just how many people we effect when we share the truth of the Gospel with others! 

Have a great week everyone! 
Sister Anderson 

Monday, July 24, 2017

One more Battle Conquered

Hey guys! This week has been great! I´m loooovin´ my comps and I´m feeling very happy! (It´s hard not to be happy doing the work of the Lord :D)
Like the title says, one more battle has been conquered because... GABRIELA FINALLY AGREED TO BE BAPTIZED. Yes, I repeat, Gabriela is going to be baptized. It´s been amazing to see her transform from being an Atheist, to knowing how to pray and receive answers from God and then learning how to act upon those answers. She´s received lots of confirmations from God and after a couple of VERY long lessons and lot´s of encouraging, she finally overcame her fears and marked her baptism for this thursday :)
This week we had zone conference! And the insanse thing was, is that it was my last zone conference! AH! The time has definitely flown by... But I loved the Spirit I was able to feel as President and Sister Houseman taught us! Fun fact about President Houseman-- his profession is studying insects. He practically travels the world gathering insects and studying them haha. In the zone conference he used a super cool example about ants that I want to share with you guys--
Everyone knows how ants walk in a perfect line, one following the other, right? But how is it that the one at the front knows where it´s going? President Houseman taught us that ants have an invisible chemical that they can release from their bellies for the others to be able to smell. And so when one finds food, or the ant hole, he releases that chemical for the others to smell and follow it. And so they always have this invisible force guiding them. President Houseman compared that invisible force to the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost isn´t something that we can see, but it´s a gift that God has given us to always guide us and help us through our lives. I´m so grateful for the Holy Ghost and know that He truly does guide us and helps us to stay on the right path!
I hope that everyone has a great Pioneer Day today!! I´m so grateful for those brave early saints that had enough faith and courage to do all that Heavenly Father asked of them to bring to pass the restoration of the Gospel in these last days!
Love you all! 
Sister Anderson

Monday, July 17, 2017

And then there were Three...

Olá gente!
Another sister has joined our companionship and we´re way excited to have her with us!! Her name is Sister Leite and she´s from São Paulo! She has two months on the mission and she´s an incredible missionary and super adorable! Her tranier had to go home for medical reasons and so Sister Taylor and I will be finishing up her training :) It´s really strengthened my testimony of how Heavenly Father knows what we need and when we need it! She´s defintiely been a light in my life these last couple days!
Aside from that, this week was pretty normal! Gabriela is doing super great! It was such a miracle for her to receive an answer that God is real! She still has some hesitancies about baptism but is praying a lot and changing a lot and so I know she´ll get there soon :) Della, the Chinese woman disappeared once again... but hey, I´m not gonna be surprised when she shows up again! Haha. We also started doing an English class in the church and it´s been having some great fruits for us to be able to find people! But man, it´s making me realize that my english has gone down hill!! Haha
I´m so grateful for the Gospel!! Just like the hymn says, "sweet is the peace the Gospel brings". It truly is such a real and sweet peace that we receive from living the Gospel! On my mission I´ve seen a lot of things and have known a lot of people who are truly lacking this peace. But I´ve also seen the peace and happiness that enters into someone´s life when they come to know their Savior and the perfect plan of happiness that Heavenly Father has created for us.
I love you all so much!! 
Sister Anderson

Monday, July 10, 2017

One Less Atheist in the World :)

Heyyyyy! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July! We had a Zone Conference with President and Sister Houseman on the 4th and so my wonderful companion and I made sure to dress up patriotically :D I´ll send pics!
This week was really great though! We´re still teaching the Chinese woman, Della, and she´s still doing great! We´ve been able to see soooo much change in her! When we taught her this week, it was her that took the initiative to start with a prayer and was so anxious to learn! She also told us how she is really looking for something to believe in and to be able to give all of herself to :) She´s definitely in the right place to do that! When we showed her a pic of Joseph Smith she also found him to be very handsome... that was pretty hilarious. And not the first time it has happened on my mission! Haha
Okay, coolest thing ever.... GABRIELA RECEIVED A TESTIMONY THAT GOD IS REAL! She told on Saturday afternoon that that morning she was reading a part of the Book of Mormon andas she was reading she was able to feel very strongly that God is real and that she broke down crying. It made Sister Taylor and I SO happy because man, we really love that girl a lot! I know that God is our Father and that He hears and answers our prayers!!
This week, during a division in a city called Goiana, I WAS COLD. Yes, I repeat, I was cold. I haven´t felt that in a loooong time! I´m definitely gonna die when I return to the Utahn winter!
I´m so very grateful for the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! I know that all of God´s truths were restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and that Christ is guiding His church today through the prophet Thomas S. Monson! I know that by following these truths, we will find true and lasting happiness!!
Até o próximo! 
Sister Anderson

Monday, July 3, 2017


Is it really already July?? It´s insane how the time passes!
This week has been really exciting! Especially with the arrival of President and Sister Houseman! We were able to meet them this Sunday, and man they´re such a cool family! It´s a huge blessing to be a part of their ward :) And turns out that they have a connection with Roosevelt! Sister Houseman´s family is from Altamont and she has a couple siblings that live in Roosevelt! When she saw me the first thing that she said was, "there´s our Roosevelt sister!" haha.
I was also able to do a super cool division this week in a city called Olinda! If you look up pics on google, you´ll see that it´s a super pretty and colorful place! It´s right by the ocean and there´s a huge light house that we worked next to all day, so that was cool :D It was quite the adventure though as Olinda has been suffering flooding and there was a lot of water-- we also met a woman whose mom had 28 children hahaha. Just had to throw that in, because that´s A LOT of children!
On Sunday some wonderful members named Fabio and Rebekah invited Gabriela to eat lunch with us! It was wonderful! There´s such a special spirit and peace in their house and I know Gabriela could feel it! She´s progressing wonderfully!
This week I´ve been thinking a lot about our love for God and how it should be above all things. Something in common that I was able to see in President and Sister Bigelow and that I saw in President and Sister Houseman is their immense love for God and desire to serve Him! They would do anything or sacrifice anything to be able to serve God and do what He asks of them! Just as they´ve left their homes to live in another country and serve Him for three years! I´ve felt that love grow inside of me as well during my mission and I know that as we always put God first we will find true joy in this life!
Sister Anderson

Monday, June 26, 2017

And the Work Goes On

Hey guys! 
Our p-day today has consisted of walking around the city trying to find an open lan house... But hey, we finally found one! 

The baptism this week was wonderful!!! I love this family so much :) The Spirit was so strong and you could truly see the happiness on their faces :) Flavio and Maria Jose´s son, Thiago, is autistic. He was a little scared at first when he entered the water, but with his parents help, he did it and came out of the water with the hugest smile on his face :) The ward here is also great and so supportive! There were about 60 other people to watch the baptism! 

Gabriella is doing great as well! She loves the church and is diligently searching for an answer! And now she calls us "minhas sisteres"--- "my sisters" haha. It´s pretty cute :) 

This Sunday was the last one of President and Sister Bigelow! Man, I feel so blessed to be a part of their ward! It was so wonderful to hear them speak in sacrament meeting! Sister Taylor and I were able to to a musical number as well! Sister Taylor played the violin and I played the piano, but we didn´t have anytime to practice and just kinda winged it.... But hey, everyone loved it still so I guess it went okay haha. Another wonderful surprise was when Dora showed up at church again! Turns out she´s been having some health difficulties and has been doing Chinese acupuncture (haha) and so that´s why she kind of disappeared for a while! 

I love this Gospel and I love being a missionary!! 
Love you all! 

Sister Anderson 

Monday, June 19, 2017

São João and an Elect Family!


Things are great here in Brazil! This week is a HUGE holiday here in Northern Brazil, called São João! I don´t know if anyone remembers when I passed through it last year in Pina... But to sum up São João, it´s a lot of bonfires, corn, straw hats, plaid shirts, and bands that consist of acoustic guitars, acordians, and triangles :) It´s a party. Haha

But hey! That wonderful, elect family that we started teaching last week-- They´re still wonderful and elect and are going to be baptized this Friday! At the beginning of the week Flavio told us that he was marked to work on Sunday and that at the prison where he works, it´s almost impossible to get someone to trade with you on Sunday. But we shared our testimonies that God would prepare someone to work for him and went on our way. Well, when we went to teach them again a couple days after, he told us that he had called one of his friends and offered him 300 reais (Brazilian currency) to work for him but that his friend said he would do it for free! We honestly just sat there AMAZED that he had offered to pay 300 REAIS just to go to church on Sunday. That is true faith and desire!  

Another thing that really touched me this week with Maria Jose and Flavio was being able to teach their son, Tiago, who´s autistic and has some learning difficulties. Sunday we went there to teach Tiago indiviually to help him to understand things a little better. We were talking to Maria Jose about how she teaches him and helps him with his school work and she said that the thing that´s helped her the most is her faith. She´s very patient and loving with him and teaches him over and over and over again until he gets it. When he gets 2 out of 10 math problems right she´s very happy with him, and then teaches him to help him get even more right the next time. As she was saying these things, it made me really think of how a mother´s love is so close to God´s love! He is so patient with us! No matter how many times we get things wrong, He will help us to try and try again until we finally get it right :) 

Have a great week and feliz São João! 
Sister Anderson 

--- AÇAÍ AND DELICIOUS BROWNIES... I´ll tried to get some pics of the São João action to send next week! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Surprise, it´s Wednesday!

Hey guys! 
My district´s p-day was switched this week to be wednesday for us to be able to go to the temple! Woohoo! I´m currently in the Family History Center here at the temple and will be entering to do a session in a little :) 

WOW, a lot of amazing things have happened since the last time I emailed! One of the best things that has happened was being able to start teaching one of the most special and elect families I have met on my mission! Flavio and Maria Jose and their 10 year old son, Tiago :) Maria Jose is the sister of a super sweet recent convert named Doralice, who gave us this wonderful family as a reference. It´s been amazing to see how the Lord has already prepared them to receive the Gospel! They´ve been able to see the happiness that has come into Doralice´s life because of the Gospel and every since the first visit have wanted to be baptized and be members of the church! On Saturday Flavio worked from 8am until 8am on Sunday, and they still went to church-- I thought that was a pretty great sacrifice. They have such a strong desire to do the will of the Lord in place of doing their own will. In Flavio´s prayer yesterday, he thanked Heavenly Father for the oppourtunity that they would have to be baptized in His church :) They´ve definitely been a miracle in my life and have strengthened my testimony that God is preparing His children to receive the Gospel! 

Does everyone remember the atheist that we found last week, Gabriela? She is doing SO GOOD. She´s praying a ton, loved church on Sunday, and even went to institute on Saturday! She loves the Book of Mormon and is receiving every day a stronger testimony about God and His love for us :) 

I´m so grateful for the Holy Ghost! This week as we were teaching Flavio and Maria Jose I was SO amazed by how perfectly they understand everything! Because there really are some people, that it doesn´t matter WHAT you do they DO NOT understand haha. But in that moment, the Spirit testified to me that it´s truly HIM that brings all understanding. As we let the Spirit into our lives, He will help us to understand all things, and will help us to change our hearts-- we just have to let Him in! 

Thanks for all the emails and all the love! 
Sister Anderson 

p.s.-- The mission office changed and so if anyone wants to send a letter to me, this is the new address! 

Missão Brasil Recife
Rua João Fernandes Vieira 80
Boa Vista, Recife, Brasil
The pics are from our last Zone Conference with President and Sister Bigelow!! (The new mission presidents will arrive at the beginning of July!)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Adventures of Two Gringos in Brazil

Hey guys!! It´s been an exciting week! 

Like predicted, it´s pretty crazy having two Americans together... especially when your companion is blonde haired and blue eyed haha. But hey! More people are thinking that I´m Brazilian now because of the stereotype that in there´s always one Brazilian and one American in the companionship! So that´s cool! Haha
One of the funniest moments this week was on a day that it had rained A TON. We were walking on a street that literally had formed a mini lake right in the center. However, there was JUST enough space on the edge to walk around it. However, as we were walking by, a HUGE truck came passing through the lake and caused ocean-like waves to come towards us. WELL, despite our best efforts to run, we still got pretty wet haha. And during all of that craziness, there were a bunch of men on the other side of the road yelling at us, but we understood NOTHING they were saying haha. It almost felt like running on the ocean... but only with cement and with filthy water hahaha.
But goodness, Sister Taylor is teaching me so much about faith and how to act IN faith and not just WITH faith. At the beginning of the week, almost everyone we were teaching, including Silvania and Della, decided that they didn´t want anything anymore... That was rough. But with a lot of prayer and lots of work, we were able to find some great people again and really see God´s hand in our lives :)
We were able to know a sweet young woman named Gabriela this week. We started talking to her on the street and found out that she´s atheist. We started talking to her about the Book of Mormon and when we gave her one she started to cry and said that she felt something special! Later in the week as we were teaching her again, we invited her to pray and ask if God is real-- at first she was really hesitant. But then after a moment, she said that she felt a voice say "why not?" to her, and agreed to pray :) The Spirit is definitely working with her! 

I´m so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that is so aware of our needs and the lessons we need to learn! Even though it´s hard sometimes, He lets us pass through difficulties because He knows that in the end we will be closer to Him!
Have a great week everyone! 
Sister Anderson

Monday, May 29, 2017

My Companion is My Sister!

Hello everyone! 
A new transfer has begun!
Sister Guimarães will be home with her family tomorrow and I am now with my new companion, Sister Taylor! To explain the title, we had the same "mom" (trainer), Sister Lopez, thus making us sisters! She´s from Ogden and adorable. And so here we go, two white Americans walkin´ the roads of Brazil. It´s gonna be fun ;D haha
This week was really great! I just love Brazil and love being a missionary!
I think the best thing that happened this week was that Silvania finally decided to be baptized!! It´s been a while that we´ve been teaching this wonderful woman. I´ve been amazed by her love for the Book of Mormon and desire to follow God. However, along the way there´s been some difficulties with her family and keeping some of the commandments. We taught her allll week and then she went to church on Sunday and loved it! When we went to visit her Sunday night, she said that at church she was able to feel certain that the church is true! She´s had some difficulties with drinking coffee and said that all day her family was trying to get her to drink coffee, but that she was strong, drank a couple cups of limade, and was able to refuse the coffee everytime! When we asked her about baptism, she smiled and said that we could mark a date. Silvania´s baptism will be this Saturday!
I know that Christ lives and loves us! This week I have been studying in 3 Nephi when the Savior visited the people in America and established His church there-- what amazing scriptures!! It´s been so special to put myself in the story and read as if I was there as He ministered to the people-- I know that Christ´s love for us is perfect and that He is willing to do ANYTHING to help us have happiness and return to live with Him and Heavenly Father one day!
Love you all! 
Sister Anderson

For Sister Guimarães´ last pday, we went to pizza hut! It´s a lot more fancy in Brazil!

Our last district meeting together :D

Monday, May 22, 2017

One More Week with my Beloved Companion!

Guys. It´s the last week of the transfer and the last week of Sister Guimarães´ mission. These last 4 months with her have been crazy and ridiculously fun. I´ve learned so much from her and we have been so blessed! It really gives me a testimony that God is in control and puts the people we need into our lives!

This week was very very good! So many AMAZING people that we were able to start teaching! I think one of my favorite people that we were able to meet this week was a young woman named Catarina! She has two friends who are members of the church and invited her to learn more. We were able to teach her together with her friends at the temple-- I don´t think there exists a better place to teach someone than the temple! The Spirit was SO strong during the lesson and you could see It really working within her. She was amazed to know that today we have a living prophet and asked so many questions about that! At the end of the lesson, she offered the closing prayer and started to cry as she thanked Heavenly Father for these two friends that He had placed into her life. It really showed me how just loving someone and being a good friend can make such a big impact in someone´s life and help them to accept the Gospel! 

This week we also had our last interviews with President and Sister Bigelow before they return home and we receive our new mission President.... that part was pretty sad. Haha

But goodness, this week I am so grateful for the work that the members do! We have so many good and interested people to teach and help prepare to be baptized all because of members who had the courage and faith to invite their friends to hear the message of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! 

Amo vocês!! 
Sister Anderson 

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Taste of Home :)

Óla everyone! I hope everyone had a good week and a wonderful Mothers´ Day! 

Like the title says, this week was full of little pieces of home! 

Della is doing so well! On Tuesday she went to the BYU Young Ambassadors performance with President and Sister Bigleow and took 6 other Chinese friends-- they loved it! We were also finally able to teach her a lesson and I got to teach it in English! It was really cool to be able to teach and testify in my native language! I could feel the Spirit very strongly :) And then this Sunday at church, President and Sister Bigelow offered to give her a separate class in English and help her to understand more about God. It was SUCH a special experience. Everything that we teach her is so new to her. It´s so amazing to see someone learning God´s truths for the first time! I think one of my favorite moments was when President Bigelow told her that she´s a daughter of God. In that moment the Spirit testified so strongly to all of us that it´s true, and I can´t even describe the look of happiness and surprise that Della had on her face! Knowing that we´re all beloved children of God is such a special truth!! 

Wednesday night the BYU Young Ambassadors did a special devotional that we were able to take our friend, Camilla to :) The devotional was them singing and sharing their testimonies with the chapel full of people! There were people translating their testimonies, but they memorized and sang the songs in Portuguese! It was beautiful!! I love how we can feel the Spirit testify to our hearts through music! 

And to top off the week I got to talk to my wonderful family on Sunday

I´m so grateful for the immense amount of blessings that Heavenly Father has put into my life! I´m so grateful to have such wonderful family and friends! I love you all and hope that everyone has a wonderful week! 

Sister Anderson 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Winter has Arrived

Winter in Brazil = rain, rain, and more rain. 
But seriously guys. Every day. So much rain. But it´s all good, it´s nice to take a little break from the sun! And it also means that people or more likely to be in home for us to find them and teach them! Haha

This week was super good! Thursday was our Zone Conference and Sunday was stake conference! And guess who showed up at stake conference! None other than... Della!! Turns out that last week she had travelled to São Paulo and that´s why she hadn´t gone to church! It was definitely an answer to prayers for her to show up again :) And once again it was so sweet to see the Spirit work with her. She loves the church and has such a strong desire to learn! After the conference, I took her to meet President and Sister Bigelow and they invited her and anyone else from the Chinese Consulate to go with them to a performance of the BYU Young Ambassadors that´s going to happen here in Recife this week! She´s super excited to go and I´m excited for her as well! :) 

In our Zone Conference this week President Bigelow taught about repentance in a way that really makes it more than just a "5-step process". He said that we can think about it like we are living in the darkness and Christ is the sun. When we´re far away from Him, we can´t see anything. But the closer and closer we get, we´re going to start to see a "stain on our sleeve" or a "tear in our pants"-- we´re going to start to see our imperfections, sins, and weaknesses. There´s a scripture in the Book of Mormon in Moroni 7:48 that says, 

"Wherefore, my beloved brethren, pray unto the Father with all the energy of heart, that ymay be filled with this lovewhich he hath bestowed upon all who are true followers of his Son, Jesus Christ; that ye may become the sons of God; that when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is; that we may have this hope; that we may be purified even as he is pure. Amen." 

As we start to see Christ and how He is, we´ll have a desire to change and be "purified even as he is pure." We´ll have a desire to repent and make the necessary changes in our lives to become more Him. The more we learn about Him and the more faith we have in Him, the more we´ll be able to recognize these things in our lives. But the miracle that happens after, is exactly what it says in Ether 12:27-- "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them."

I know that through Christ we can make ANY change in our lives because of His ongoing and constant love, support, and hope!

Love you all! 
Sister Anderson