Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Surprise, it´s Wednesday!

Hey guys! 
My district´s p-day was switched this week to be wednesday for us to be able to go to the temple! Woohoo! I´m currently in the Family History Center here at the temple and will be entering to do a session in a little :) 

WOW, a lot of amazing things have happened since the last time I emailed! One of the best things that has happened was being able to start teaching one of the most special and elect families I have met on my mission! Flavio and Maria Jose and their 10 year old son, Tiago :) Maria Jose is the sister of a super sweet recent convert named Doralice, who gave us this wonderful family as a reference. It´s been amazing to see how the Lord has already prepared them to receive the Gospel! They´ve been able to see the happiness that has come into Doralice´s life because of the Gospel and every since the first visit have wanted to be baptized and be members of the church! On Saturday Flavio worked from 8am until 8am on Sunday, and they still went to church-- I thought that was a pretty great sacrifice. They have such a strong desire to do the will of the Lord in place of doing their own will. In Flavio´s prayer yesterday, he thanked Heavenly Father for the oppourtunity that they would have to be baptized in His church :) They´ve definitely been a miracle in my life and have strengthened my testimony that God is preparing His children to receive the Gospel! 

Does everyone remember the atheist that we found last week, Gabriela? She is doing SO GOOD. She´s praying a ton, loved church on Sunday, and even went to institute on Saturday! She loves the Book of Mormon and is receiving every day a stronger testimony about God and His love for us :) 

I´m so grateful for the Holy Ghost! This week as we were teaching Flavio and Maria Jose I was SO amazed by how perfectly they understand everything! Because there really are some people, that it doesn´t matter WHAT you do they DO NOT understand haha. But in that moment, the Spirit testified to me that it´s truly HIM that brings all understanding. As we let the Spirit into our lives, He will help us to understand all things, and will help us to change our hearts-- we just have to let Him in! 

Thanks for all the emails and all the love! 
Sister Anderson 

p.s.-- The mission office changed and so if anyone wants to send a letter to me, this is the new address! 

Missão Brasil Recife
Rua João Fernandes Vieira 80
Boa Vista, Recife, Brasil
The pics are from our last Zone Conference with President and Sister Bigelow!! (The new mission presidents will arrive at the beginning of July!)