Monday, May 30, 2016

Wk 6 in Pina!

Oi oi oi! 

I hope everyone´s had a good week! I have definitely been very very blessed this week. Sister Lopez is an absolutely wonderful companion and I love her a ton. She´s super obedient and has a very strong testimony. I was really upset at first to have a new companion, but I´ve really learned this week that God knows what I need, and what we all need. I have grown a ton this week in every aspect-- my abilities to teach, my portuguese, my testimony-- Sister Juarez was a wonderful first companion, but I think she babied me a little haha. But now with Sister Lopez, I´ve been teaching her the area, making the decisions of what to do throughout the day, and definitely talking a lot more in the lessons. This change in companions is something that I really needed in order to grow and become more of the missionary that I need to be. It´s been hard, but it is only through the hard things that we can grow. I´ve also learned a lot more of how to rely on God and the promptings of the Holy Ghost. It´s really amazing. We´ll be walking and I´ll not really know where to go but then I´ll have a thought to go down a certain street and it always ends up being exactly where we need to be with the people we need to find. I know that the direction we receive from the Holy Ghost is very real. 

This week we were able to find a lot of new people who are ready to hear the message of the Gospel! My favorites were probably the family of Arnesto and Milena. They have 3 children and are SUPER interested in the church. They were a reference from one of the members-- it´s truly amazing how much better our lessons are with references than with people we contact on the street. But they´ve been reading the Book of Mormon a lot and praying to know if it´s true and the other day Milena had a dream where she saw one of our chapels and felt that it was an answer that the church is true. And the cool thing is, is that she´s never visited church before! But this Sunday she attended church with us and she said it was what she saw in her dream! A little different, but I know that God´s answers prayers and that every answer is unique!  

Another cool thing that happened this week that I really enjoyed was one day, we were headed to a lesson and I felt prompted to walk down a street that we didn´t have to walk down, and we ended up bumping into a member who took us to an english class that another member in our ward teaches! And so we taught a little english for them, talked about the restoration of the Gospel, and then wrote down the address of everyone in the class to visit them and teach them more about the church! I love how God puts into our paths awesome opportunities for teaching the Gospel! 

I´m doing great, and I am loving my mission! Another old man kissed my forhead again. And this time he was toothless. So right now, I think that´s my only problem hahaha. But besides that, all is well! I know that this is the work of the Lord and that the Gospel and Church of Jesus Christ have been restored to the Earth!

Com muito amor,
Sister Anderson