Monday, June 6, 2016

Wk 7 in Pina!

Oi todo mundo!! 

This week was absolutely WONDERFUL. I love Sister Lopez and we are having so much success! God is definitely blessing us! 

We´ve been blessed with a really large group of wonderful investigators and we were able to have 11 of them in church this Sunday! Usually we only have 2 or 3, and so it was super cool to have 11! We have 3 different families that we are teaching and I love all of them so much! One of them is the family of Fernando and Camilla, and they´re going to be baptized this week!! I am SO excited. We´re going to have the wedding on Saturday, and then right after the wedding they´re going to be baptized! The ward Pina is awesome and planning everything! There´s also going to be a ton of people. Even some of our investigators who don´t know Fernando and Camilla say that they´re going to go even before we invite them. I honestly have no idea how they know about it, but it´s awesome haha. 

We also have the family of Arnesto and Milena and they are wonderful! They accepted our invitation to be baptized this week! But like Fernando and Camilla, they have to be married before they get baptized. But it´s awesome, because before we even taught them why they have to get married before they are baptized, they started doing all of the paper work to get married haha. They truly have a desire to be baptized. They also have 3 kids who are super cute and attack us with hugs like the children of Fernando and Camilla. Kids love us a ton and it´s probably one of my favorite parts of being a missionary :)

On Monday we taught a reference of one of our members-- Iva Paula and her 9 year old son Gabriel. Gabriel is seriously the cutest thing ever haha. During the beginning of the lesson he was really shy, but he slowly started to warm up to us, and by the end he was seriously quoting the Bible to us haha. At the end of our lesson we invited Iva Paula to be baptized once she knows our message is true and then before we said the closing prayer Gabriel hurried and raised his hand and said "I´m going to be baptized too when Jesus answers my prayers". After the prayer he said, "wait, I want to sing for you guys!" and then picked up his notebook and sang a solid 5 minute song for us that he wrote about Jesus and being forgiven of his sins haha. It was so cute. And then as we were leaving, when we shook his hand, he kissed our hands hahaha. Goodness. It was very cute haha. 

Another super cool thing-- in our area of Pina, there´s a company called Green Valley Health, I think... But they drive around Brasilia in a van and have a bunch of salesmen and women that work in the streets and go from house to house. But the cool thing is that the owner of this company is a member of the Church, and so almost all of the employees are members too haha. They´re always in pretty large groups, and so everytime we bump into them they all get super excited and yell "sisters!!" and talk to us and it´s great haha. But everytime we talk with them they give us references of people they meet! It´s great! It´s like we have a bunch of minions helping us with the work! Hahaha. Sister Lopez and I like to call them our squad haha. 

I am absolutely loving my mission. It is such a huge blessing in my life. I love being able to see families like Fernando and Camilla completely change. I truly can see the difference of light and happiness in their lives. They always call us their angels and it makes me super happy haha. But really, it´s not us that´s made the difference in their lives, it´s them living the Gopsel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel truly blesses families and I am so grateful to be apart of this work where I can be an instrument in bringing this happiness to families. 

Have a good week everyone!!
Sister Anderson