Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Week 3 in Arcoverde!

Bom diaaa!
This country is really starting to grow on me! I realized the other day that everything here is starting to become very normal to me haha. It´s also becoming more natural for me to think and write in Portuguese than in English! A little crazy, but super cool! I love Brazil!
I´ve had a really good week! No baptisms, but definitely a week of miracles and blessings from God!
The first part of the week, Sister Costa and I taught a lesson with our Bishop to a Pastor of a different church! I was honestly terrified at first, but it ended up being super cool! He was super open minded and intelligent and so he understood everything we taught him! This Pastor, Pastor Paulo, and the Bishop live at the very very end of Arcoverde in a place called Vila dos Presidios. It´s a long walk to get there, but it´s super cool. It´s a little farming community and so all of the roads are dirt, with pigs everywhere, people riding horses, and donkeys are always in the streets. It´s more of what I imagined Brazil to be, before my mission haha.
So every Thursday, we have district meeting in Garanhuns and it´s a good 2 hour drive to get there. There´s not a bus system here in Arcoverde, and so we have to take a 15 person van to Garanhuns every week. The driver is a man named Jaquaré and he´s super cool haha. But this week as we were headed to Garanhuns the van broke down in the middle of nowhere. And so Sister Costa and I were stranded on the side of the road for more than an hour and a half with all the other people who were in the van haha. But another van passed by and we were able to get into that van and make it to Garanhuns for the last part of our meeting. When we were headed back to Arcoverde, the other van we were taking broke down too haha. We got into a different van who sadly also broke down. And it continued like this all the way back to Arcoverde haha. I think we took a total of 5 vans. It was pretty exciting haha.
Sister Costa and I had a miracle this Sunday! A girl named Josie, who had been taught by the missionaries years ago, showed up in church and wants to be baptized!! We had a lesson with her and she already has an amazing testimony of the Gospel! We´re going to try and have her baptism this Saturday :) It was really cool for me though, because this week, we had a lot of investigators say that they would go to church and almost none of them ended up going. And so I was pretty sad and disappointed and praying a lot, and then Josie showed up as an answer to my prayers! It taught me that people (our investigators) have their agency, but God is going to bless us (Josie) for the efforts that we are making! It also taught me that are efforts in sharing the Gospel aren´t in vain because you never know if it´s someone like Josie is going to accept the Gospel in the future!
I know that this is the work of the Lord! It´s so important that we always look for ways to share the Gospel with our friends and family! I know that the happiness that comes from sharing the Gospel is very real!
Love you all!
Sister Anderson

 I´m really battlin' those mosquitos-- Proselytin' in pants and sleepin' with my net.
Sister Costa always calls me "princesa" (princess) now because of my mosquito net 
I made brownies!!!! They didn´t taste exactly like moms.... But they were still good