Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 6 in Arcoverde!

Bom dia!! And Feliz Dia dos Pais yesterday for all of those fathers out there!  

It´s the start of a new transfer and I´m still here in Arcoverde with Sister Costa! I´m  super happy about that though, because I know that God has big plans for us here :) I´ve definitely had a wonderful week full of blessings and miracles!

Our week started out really well with a family home evening with one of the families in our Ward. They invited three other families for it and now all three of the families are our investigators! They´re all younger couples with babies and super open and willing to accept the things we´re teaching them and so I´m super excited :) They were able to go to church this Sunday as well, and so that was a huge blessing for us!

This week, I was also able to have one the coolest experiences yet in my mission :) A member in our Ward asked us to visit his cousin, Alison. And so we visited him, taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel, and it was super good. He was super interested during all of the lesson, and especially when we were talking about Joseph Smith. And so the other night, we went to his house to mark a time to visit him again and we asked him if he prayed to know if what we taught was true. He started out thanking us for teaching him the other night because he had been really stressed about a lot of things, but after we left it was like none of those things had happened. And then he said for us, that afterwards he couldn´t stop thinking about Joseph Smith and asking himself if it really was true. He´s a super religious person and really involved in the Catholic church. And so he said for us that he knew, and recognized that this pressing feeling to pray and ask God was the Spirit talking to him. And so before he went to sleep he prayed and asked God if Joseph Smith was a prophet and when he woke up the next morning he felt super good like he had never felt before and that it was like his mind was more clear and as he thought more and more about Joseph Smith, he knew that it was true. And so then he thanked us again and said that he DEFINITELY wants us to come back and teach him more. It´s hard for me to describe exactly how the experience was, but the Spirit was so so strong. Alison is definitely is a person prepared to accept the Gospel and I´m so excited to teach him more. 

The other huge blessing of this week was Joseane´s baptism!! We were able to baptize her Sunday after church, and it was wonderful! I´ve never had an investigator so anxious and excited to be baptized. The Spirit was super strong as well :)

I know that the Gospel is true and I know that this is God´s work!
Love you all!!

Sister Anderson

Donuts are a rarity in Brazil, and so I had to take advantage of the opportunity :D

Cleaning the baptismal font :)

It´s weird working in pants!!! Haha

We´ve been working a lot in the middle of nowhere! It´s exciting! Haha

Sister Costa, Joseane, and me!