Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 11 in Arcoverde!

And once again, we´re at the end of a transfer! It´s crazy how fast time is going by! This next transfer will be Sister Costa´s last, and so I´m pretty confident that I´ll be staying here in Arcoverde with her :) 

This week has been super cool! And it´s looking like we´re going to have a baptism this Saturday! It´s going to be a girl named Dieny :) She´s super cool and I love her a lot. She was one of the investigators of the Elders that served here before us. We started teaching her, but after a couple weeks, she went on vacation and just got back recently. She´s 17 years old and SUPER hippy. She even has a couple of dreads haha. We had a lesson with her at the beginning of the week and invited her to read the Book of Mormon and to pay attention to the feeling that she had while reading. Afterwards, Sister Costa and I decided to do a fast for her to be able to have a spiritual experience reading the Book of Mormon and receive an answer that it´s true. When we returned the next day, she said that she hadn´t read the part we left with her and I was honestly pretty disappointed, thinking that our fast hadn´t worked. But then in our lesson with her the spirit was super super strong, and we were able to mark her baptism! And so even though what happened isn´t exactly what we had fasted for, God still answered our prayers and blessed us with the Spirit in the lesson. But we´ve been able to teach her everyday this week and it´s been amazing to see the faith she has and her willingness to keep the commandments! 

Sister Costa and I had another super cool experience this week! On Tuesday we were walking down a road and saw an older lady on a porch, holding a baby, and so we decided to talk to her. We started to talk to her, and after a while she had us go into her house to talk her 20 year old daughter named Darley. We started talking to Darley and it didn´t take to long to realize that she is a super sad person. We were able to find out that her husband, the father of the baby, had died 5 months ago and that now she doesn´t want anything to do with God. We were able to talk to her about the Plan of Salvation and at the end we invited her to pray, but she said that she doesn´t pray to God anymore. As we kept talking to her, I kept having the thought to give her a Book of Mormon to read. I kept fighting this prompting, because it didn´t make sense to me, because we only give Book of Mormons to people that we´ve known for a while or that we know are going to read it. And I thought that there was no way that she would read it. But finally I listened to the prompting, gave her the Book of Mormon to read before we left. We returned a couple days after and when I asked her how she was doing, she said "better". When I asked her why she was better she smiled at me and said "I read the book". Afterwards, she started to explain that as she was reading she was able to feel a lot of peace and a lot better. And this time when we invited her to pray she agreed that she would pray and to talk to God. It was incredible to see the difference in her. She was so much more happy and smiled so much more-- all because of the Book of Mormon. I know with all my heart that the Book of Mormon is true. There is such a special power and spirit in it and I know that it has the ability to change any persons life. 

Sorry about the super long stories, but I just had to share! :) I love being a missionary so much! I love the opportunity to study the gospel EVERY day! It´s seriosly the best! There is so much to learn! I know that the gospel is true and that this is the Lord´s church! 

Boa semana todo mundo! 
Amo vocês!

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Sister Sanguino made Colombian Guacamole and it was SO good. Sorry about the blurry pictures!

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