Monday, November 14, 2016

Lessons Learned

Bom Diaaaa!
I hope everyone back at home is enjoying the cool November weather as we´re burning up here in Arcoverde! Haha
But this week was definitely a good one-- lots of lessons learned for Sister L. Silva and I.
The week started out a little rough... All of our lessons were falling through and it was a little discouraging. But, I learned a big lesson in staying positive! Because when we stay positive and keep working, God really blesses us! And I was really able to see that as our week just got better and better as we stayed positive and did what we needed to!
So we have a super cool investigator that we were able to teach a couple times this week! Her name is Francine-- she´s a biology teacher, super smart, and loving the things we teach her! For those of you who know me well, I LOVE flowers, and Francince, she loves flowers too and decorates events with flowers as a side job. And so this Tuesday when we went to visit her and she gave me some flowers that she had used at an event on Saturday-- that made me super happy :) And then on Friday we were able to visit her and read the Book of Mormon with her. The Spirit was super strong and we were able to mark her for baptism! I´m super grateful for the power of the Book of Mormon!
District meeting was something that I really needed this week too! We learned about how we need to be bold in speaking the truth to people. Because a lot of the time it´s really difficult to let someone know the consequences of not accepting the Gospel-- we don´t want to hurt or offend someone. But it´s the TRUTH! This is the Church of Jesus Christ! The only true church on the face of the earth with a living prophet and the fulness of the Gospel! And as we speak this truth, we really aren´t alone, because we have the Spirit that´s going to testify to the heart of the person that it really is true. After realizing that, it really changed our week. The following days, we were able to mark a ton of people for baptism and see God blessing us for doing our part in declaring the truth.
Does everyone remember about the cemetary activity we had last Wednesday? Well this Saturday, we were able to teach one of the people that other sisters here in Arcoverde met at the activity! First off, it was honestly a MIRACLE that we found their house. A lot of asking people if they knew them, and then finally finding someone who knew them and took us there. They´re a super young couple called Joeliton and Dayene. The lesson with them was super spiritual and then they went to church with us yesterday! Usually that never happens where people go to church after only teaching them one time. Definitely was a huge blessing.
So at the beginning of the week I was SUPER tired. More tired than I have been in all of my mission. And I remember before going to bed, in my prayers, just telling Heavenly Father how tired I was. And honestly that night it felt like I slept FOREVER. It was something little, but helped me to really feel God´s love for me and to know that He is listening to my prayers. I´m grateful for the miracles I am seeing in my life big and small! I know that Heavenly Father is real and loves us more than we can imagine!
Love you all! 
Sister Anderson