Monday, November 7, 2016

The Week that Lasted a Lifetime


I hope the title of the email doesn´t give the impression that I´ve had a bad week! It was great. But my goodness, it was long. I´m definitely the most tired I have been in all my mission, but still extremely happy!
On Monday, after p-day I was able to work in my old area with the Sisters of Pina!! SUCH a huge blessing! I was able to visit Fernando and Camila and Milena and Ernesto! It was SO very wonderful to see them again. It´s really a happiness that you can´t describe.
Tuesday was a day just full of emotions! In the morning we went to President´s house to have a training on being trainers and eat WAFFLES. And monkey bread. It was glorious :´) And then afterwards as President went to the airport to pick up the new missionaries, we got to go to the temple!! FINALLY, in my 8 months on the mission, I went to the temple. And it was wonderful. The Recife Temple is gorgeous with all of the flowers and mango trees outside. But some sad news... I forgot my camera. But no worries, I´ll be going again in December and make sure to take LOTS of pictures! After the temple we returned to President´s house to meet our new companions! I almost died I was so nervous! haha.

The sister I am training is WONDERFUL though! Her name is Sister L. Silva and from the Bahia, a state in Brazil. She´s 20 and super cute and super goofy haha. She makes me laugh. The first night we went out to work in the area, in the prayer before she left she thanked Heavenly Father that "her heart was exploding with joy" :) She also says "good day", "good afternoon" and "good night" to EVERYONE we pass on the street haha.
Wednesday was a holiday in Brazil, "Dia dos Finados" where everyone goes to the cemetery to visit family and friends that have passed away. And so we stayed in Recife to participate in an activity of the mission where we go to a cemetery to teach people about the Plan of Salvation! The spirit was super special as we testified to people that they could see their loved ones again, and I think it was a good way for Sister L. Silva to start her mission :) And then after that we got on a bus and returned to Arcoverde!
The rest of the week was filled with catching up with our investigators and lot of Family home evenings with members! On Sunday we were able to give a training for the ward on our responsibilites as members to help people stay in the Gospel, and that went really well too.
Training is definitely a new challenge, but it´s also a new blessing! It´s been amazing to see God helping me in every way-- in my ability to teach, in my ability to know what to do, in my ability to speak Portuguese-- it´s amazing and I´m super grateful. I know God qualifies us and helps us to do what He calls us to do!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week!! Love you all!

Sister Anderson

Visiting Milena and Ernesto
Visiting Fernando and Camila
Sister Anderson and her new companion, Sister L Silva

Trainers and new missionaries

New missionaries being assigned to their trainer