Monday, October 31, 2016

Back in Recife!!

Ola everyone!! 

Once again, I am back in my old area! But only for a couple days... because I´m going to be a TRAINER! Yesterday, Sister Costa and I arrived and I´m going to pick up "minha novinha" tomorrow!! 

So this week was Sister Costa´s last week on the mission! I´ve already said bye to her and for right now my temporary companion is Sister Garrick :) She´s from Texas and super cool. It´s funny though, because before my mission, I always read her blog and now I´m sitting next to her as she writes the group email for her blog! Haha. I´ve had a super good week though! I´ve loved having Sister Costa as a companion and I´m super proud of her for giving it all she´s got until the end! 

These last couple of days have been super good though! Fernando was able to pass the sacrament yesterday in church, and so that was super cool! He didn´t have church clothes before (and recently quit his job) but still bought church shoes, pants, a white shirt, and tie, just to be able to fulfill his priesthood duty and pass the sacrament. I´m super grateful for the faith that he has! After church, we ate lunch, and got on a bus to go to Recife! It has been awesome though, because we´ve been staying in Boa Viagem, where my trainer, Sister Lopez lives! It´s been SO wonderful to see her and talk to her again! And tonight, I´m going to be able to work with the sisters of Pina, and so I´m hoping I´ll get to visit Camila and Fernando, and Milena and Ernesto again!!! 

Tomorrow´s going to be super awesome too. In the morning, we´ll go to President's house to eat breakfast (waffles!!! :D) and have a training on how to be trainers haha. And then after that, I´ll get to go to the temple! And then we´ll return from the temple and I´ll get to meet the new sister I´m going to train for the next 12 weeks!! 

Do I feel inadequate to be a trainer? Most definitetly, yes. 
But do I know that God will help me and qualify me? Most definitely, yes :)

I´m honestly a little nervous and don´t know exactly what I´m doing... But I´ve been able to feel God´s love so much and I know that He´s going to help me and qualify me!! If I´ve learned anything on my mission, it´s that. If it´s something God wants us to do, it´s all going to work out.

Can´t wait to email you all next week and let you know who my new companion is!! 

Love you all,
Sister Anderson 

Attatched is a photo of us saying bye to Sister Costa and the Sisters that I´m staying with for the next couple days!