Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 15 in Arcoverde!


It all started Monday night at a Family Home Evening we had with Fernando (super cool young man that we met at General Conference and started teaching), Bruna, Cristiane, and her two daughters, Jessica and Julia. We shared a message for Fernando about prophets and the priesthood, and at the end we asked him if he prayed like we had asked him to the week before. He started to talk about how ever since he learned how to pray, he hasn´t stopped. And then he started to talk about the church and how it started out as curiosity, and never imagined that it would turn into such a big desire for him to learn more. As he was saying all of this, I felt really impressed to invite him to be baptized on Saturday (only 2 week after knowing the church), and even though I was super nervous, I did it and I am SO glad I did. At first, when I said, it all he said was "this Saturday???" and honestly my heart dropped. But then after a couple seconds he said, "I can?!?!?" with the biggest smile on his face :D Goodness, it was the best thing ever! And he just kept getting happier and happier the more we talked about the baptism! 

And so after that our week was filled with teaching him all of the lessons and me being amazed by his spirituality! Lots of the things he would say to us during the lessons left me completely amazed! He already understands spiritual truths that took me YEARS to understand! 

And then Saturday we had the baptism!! It was super cool too, because Julia, the daughter of Cristiane turned 8 recently and was baptized with him! Well, it was more like Fernando was baptized with her as we intruded on the baptism of Julia haha. But they were totally cool about it. The Spirit that is always present during baptisms is so wonderful. I think the best part for me, was after the ordinance, when Fernando came back into the room. I was conducting a hymn and he sat down in front of me and looked up at me and gave me the BIGGEST, happiest, brightest smile ever! He was honestly radiating happiness.  

Sunday was just as wonderful with his confirmation and receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. After church, we asked him how it was to receive the Holy Ghost and he said that it was something indescribable. And then he started to talk with us about the baptism and how strongly he was able to feel the Spirit confirm to him that he was making the right decision. He said that he had to hold back tears as he entered the water and that afterwards, he turned around so that no one would see him crying haha. Sorry to talk so much about Fernando, but it truly was such a HUGE blessing for Sister Costa and I. He was a person extremely prepared by the Lord and I´m so grateful to have been the missionary to teach him. The happiness of the Gospel is real!!! 

In other news... I ate chicken feet this week! I don´t know why Brazilians love it so much, it was quite gross haha. I also learned this week that a type of meet that I LOVE, called charque (sharky), is DONKEY or HORSE meat. I really wish someone would have told me that before... BUT, I´ll probably keep eating it because it´s super delicious haha. 

Love you all! I hope everyone has a great week! 
Sister Anderson

 picture from the family home evening

 Fernando and Julia! 

Fernando, Bruna (friend that introduced us to Fernando), Sister Costa, and I!

I thought everyone would like to see a good ol' Brazilian Fiesta!!! 
It´s the birthday party we had for Julia after the baptism!! :)

​I love coconut water!!