Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 16 in Arcoverde!

Booooom dia todo mundo! I hope everyone had a super good week!
This last week was good! Nothing TOO exciting, but good :) Super crazy though! Today is Sister Costa´s last p-day and today she starts her last week in the field! She´s super happy though, and I´m super happy for her too :)
This week I was really able to see how God has been preparing the people we are teaching to receive the Gospel! It´s so cool how God puts the right people into our paths! This week we started teaching a woman named, Dayene who did Sister Costa´s hair last week haha. She said that recently, she doesn´t have anymore desire to party and drink, but that she really wants to do the things that God wants her to do. And when we taught her about the Book of Mormon she LOVED it! We talked to her about how the Book of Mormon is about God´s communication with the people in the Americas and how Christ visited the people here and she said that that was a question she´s ALWAYS had. It was super cool!
The Book of Mormon is SO powerful!! As missionaries we always promise people that it can change their lives and we testify of how it´s already changed ours. And one of my investigators, Lira, helped me to have a realization this week of WHY the Book of Mormon changes lives-- It´s because the Book of Mormon is "another testament of Jesus Christ". It´s not the Book of Mormon that changes our lives, but it´s CHRIST that changes our lives. As we study the Book of Mormon, we come to KNOW the Savior, and as we come to know Him, that is where the change happens :)
This week I got a package from my mom (she´s pretty wonderful ;D) with a bunch of CTR rings. This week, we visited a family with a young man who´s 17, and named Moroni, but is struggling a little bit in the church. And so we shared a message about choosing the right and gave them all CTR rings and it made Moroni SO HAPPY. He told us that when he was 7, he lost a CTR ring and was SO sad and had always always wanted one ever since then! He then told us that "he´s never going to take it off until the day he dies!!" haha. It was really cool though to see the difference in him and in his family afterwards! By small and simple things, great things are brought to pass!
I hope everyone has a wonderful week of reading the Book of Mormon and always Choosing The Right! Love you all!
Sister Anderson

Somos um pouco doentinhas ;)

So the turban things is something that EVERYONE uses here and it´s super funny hahahaha