Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 14 in Arcoverde!

Olá meus amigos!

Once again, I´ve had a wonderful week and am feeling super blessed! Serving a mission truly is the best thing ever!

Everyone remember Fernando, the young man that went to General Conference, that I talked about last week? Well he is doing WONDERFULLY! We were able to teach him quite a few times this week and then he was able to go to church on Sunday! On Wednesday we were able to meet with him and talk to him about what he thought about General Conference, and he said that as he listened to the prophets speaking, he was able to find a peace and comfort that he´s never been able to feel before. And then as we continued talking to him about the church, he said that it´s like he´s found something that he´s been searching for all of his life. SUPER cool. It makes me so happy to teach him and I am still amazed by the incredible spirit we are able to feel everytime that we teach him! Bruna, his friend that´s a member and works with him, says that he´s always super quiet at work now because he´s constantly on his phone on the app of the church reading and learning about everything haha. What a blessing technology is!

Something that I´ve loved on my mission is seeing how God answers our prayers and how He is so aware of us! Some answers take longer than others, but I know that God will always listen and that He will always answer! Something that I´ve been wanting and praying for a ton is to have more charity-- love people like Christ loves them. It´s been a long process of studying about charity and praying to be blessed with it, but this week I´ve finally been able to see God blessing me with this gift! This Sunday, in fast and testimony meeting, I was able to bare my testimony for the ward, and afterwards I was able to feel such a strong amount of love for everyone in the ward! Charity truly is a gift that God gives to us as we ask for it! Everyone should read Moroni 7 in the Book of Mormon and seek to develop charity! It truly is a wonderful feeling and can bring so much happiness and light into life!

Here in Brazil, I am always amazed by the sacrifices that these people are willing to make for the Gospel. A woman we started visiting this week named Cristiane, woke up super early to get her 4 little kids dressed and ready for church and then walk super far in the super hot sun to arive in church. It definitely was a sacrifice for her, but I know that God blesses us immensely for the sacrifices we make for Him.

I hope everyone back home is enjoying the nice fall weather! Because here in Brazil it´s just getting hotter and hotter and hotter. BUT, I´m definitely not complaining because I absolutely love Brazil-- even with the ridiculous amount of sunscreen I have to use everyday haha.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!
Amo vocês!

Sister Anderson

my american lunch!! (SUBWAY IS A BLESSING)

My face in this photo hahahahahaha
I saw Danilo (the brother of dayene) outside and so I was motioning for him to join us hahaha. SO creepy! 

Some of the lovely people from the Arcoverde Ward! 

 I LOVE DAYENE. She´s 19, recent convert, preparing to go on a mission
 and the absolute SWEETEST person I have ever met.

This is Agatha. She is absolutely adorable. And absolutely hilarious.