Monday, November 21, 2016

On the Road Again

Ola everyone!!
Like the title says, this week involved a lot of traveling... but it was still super good!
Tuesday afternoon we had to head out to Recife for Sister L. Silva´s training with President Bigelow and because of some unfortunate miscommunication we ended up getting there at 1 in the morning!! I´ll be honest, I was a little scared haha. But there ended up being a member of the church with us on the bus who knows some people here in Arcoverde and so he kept us safe and helped us get a taxi :) It was really cool too-- the assistants to the President stayed up to make sure we made it and President Bigelow was calling us the whole time to make sure we were safe. God truly protects His missionaries! We slept in the house of Boa Viagem/Pina, my old area :)
Wednesday morning we headed to one of the huge 4-story chapels here in Brazil for training for the new missionaries! It was absolutely wonderful. I really can´t express the love that I have for President and Sister Bigelow! They are such wonderful people. At the end of the training, President Bigelow was telling us about the love he has for us as his missionaries-- how it´s something eternal. It touched me a lot because I could truly feel the love he has for us. That night, we were able to do splits with Sister Lopez and her companion, Sister Hernandez in Boa Viagem, and so I was once again able to be companions with my trainer!! In one of the lessons we were able to learn that the Egyptian pharaohs were in fact obese, and not skinny like it shows in the photos... Just a fun fact haha.
We got back Thursday night after resolving some things with my visa in the airport in Recife, and the rest of the week was just full of getting caught up in our area! But goodness, I can really see God blessing our area! He is truly putting into our path people who are ready to receive the Gospel.
Sunday we had stake conference in Garanhuns! The ward rented out some vans and we all went out together! President Bigelow was there and so once again we were able to hear that inspired man speak! He talked a little bit about the campaign that the Church is doing for Christmas this year! The theme is to be a light to the world! Because really, Christ is the light OF the world. And as we serve and love like He served and loved, we will be brining His light TO the world. Everyone should check out, watch the videos and share them with your friends! I know that this can be the best Christmas yet as we truly focus on the love and light of Christ and how we are sharing that light with our friends and families!
I hope everyone has a good week and a good Thanksgiving! (if Thanksgiving is this week-- I´m not even sure haha) 

Love you all! 
Sister Anderson