Monday, January 16, 2017

Keepin' the Faith

Hi everyone! 

This week I´ve been thinking and learning a lot about faith-- that even when things don´t go perfectly as planned, we just have to keep going on and keep the faith. Aaaand the song "Keepin´ the Faith" by Billy Joel may or may not have gone through my head a couple of times this week as I tried to always remember that haha. 

This week was good though! 

Tuesday we had lunch Djanira, Rayani, and her other 7 year old granddaughter Isabeli! Even when they don´t have much, these people are so willing to give! Rayani and and Isabeli even wrote cute little notes for us, wrapped them up in paper, and gave them to us as presents :) 

In our Zone Conference on Thursday, President passed by to drop off materials for us! It´s always such a great blessing to be with that guy :) You really feel a peace and a happiness when you talk to him! We´ve been teaching a young man named Matheus, that´s 14 years old. We have a rule on the mission, that if someone is less than 15 years old, they have to go to church for 3 months before being baptized. Well, it´s been a while that Matheus has been going to church, and so we talked to President and he said that we can baptize him this Saturday! He a really smart young man, and has been wanting for a while to be baptized, and so I´m excited! 

Tamires and Claudio are doing well! I just love Tamires. And Claudio is progressing lot! One night we went to teach his mom, and he was there and even bore his testimony to her about the Book of Mormon! It´s something special when your investigator bears his testimony! He finally went to church this Sunday and loved it! 

This Saturday was really different! So there´s a city outside of Arcoverde called Pesqueira, that´s about 40 minutes away. 10 years ago, there was a branch there, but it closed because of problems with the leaders. And so it´s been 10 years without missionaries, and 10 years without the church. Last Saturday the other sisters here in Arcoverde went there for the first time to start working again with the people there. They had to go to Recife this Saturday and so... we went there in their place! It was REALLY cool to teach the people there. Super interesting. But I could really see and feel the testimony, desire, and excitement of the members to return! They put together a caravan this Sunday and a big group of them were there in church!! I´ll send some pictures we took :) It´s a cool city. There´s even a castle there!! But sadly, I didn´t get a picture of it :( 

Buuuut, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Remember to keep the faith! Even when things are difficult, if we continue diligently, trusting in our Heavenly Father, things will always get better and we will see miracles with our faith!

Love you all! 
Sister Anderson

Irma Vanda, that made a couple skirts for me, 
made the clothes for this doll and gave it to me!