Monday, January 30, 2017

A Week of Change!

Well everyone, I have finally left Arcoverde and have returned to Recife!! And I´m pretty sure I have been transferred to the best area EVER! My new area is called Casa Forte-- and do you know what´s in Casa Forte? THE TEMPLE. And it´s the ward of none other than... President and Sister Bigelow! Yep. I´m extremely excited. 

My last week in Arcoverde was wonderful! My last day there, saturday, was probably my favorite. We went to visit my recent convert, Djanira, to find her in a pretty difficult situation. Arcoverde is SUPER dry, and so there´s lots of times when the city goes without water. And so Djanira almost the last two weeks has been completely without water-- without showering, and without cooking. It honestly broke my heart to see her, and her granddaughters that way. And so, Sister L. Silva and I determined to help! Our other investigator, Lira lives in the same neighborhood, a little ways from Djanira. So we went there, told Lira about the situation and we resolved to take water to Djanira. And so, we got three big buckets, filled them up with water, Lira put one on her head, Sister L. Silva and I with the others and we headed off to Djanira´s house. It may have taken a while, and I may have arrived with my skirt soaking and arms about to fall off, but we made it and the happiness on their faces made it all worth it :) Later that night, we had a ward talent show, that also went super well and was super fun, and so I definitely ended my time well in Arcoverde! 

Sunday after sacrament meeting we had to leave to catch a bus to find our new companions and go to our new areas. I learned that after 7 months, you get pretty attatched to people... So let´s just say that saying goodbye to everyone on Sunday was pretty emotional haha. Buuuuut, now I´m here in Recife with my wonderful new companion, Sister Guimarães! 

So something super cool, is that I´ve been called to be a Sister Training Leader (I think that´s how you say it in English haha)! But that means that Sister Guimarães and I will be taking care of 5 companionships of sisters on the mission and doing splits with them! Sister Guimarães is from São Paulo and probably one of the cutest people you could ever meet! She´s a wonderful missionary and I´m super excited to work with her! 

I´ve really felt this week the immense love that our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ have for us! They are so aware of us and have a perfect plan for every one of us! 

Love you all and hope that everyone has a wonderful week! 
Sister Anderson