Monday, February 6, 2017


It´s serious guys. I´ve been placed in heaven.

This area is SO blessed and I feel SO blessed to be serving here! Our week has been just full of miracles, feeling the spirit, and being blessed by the temple!

So Casa Forte is more in the center of Recife-- a place full of skyscrapers and a lot cleaner than my first area in Recife haha. Our apartment is about 5 minutes walking distance from the temple. I honestly can´t even describe how beautiful the temple is. When you get close, it´s the first thing you see-- it´s incredible at night how it shines brighter than any other building close to it! I think there were only a couple days this week where we didn´t teach someone at the temple, eat lunch there, or pass by to use the bathroom-- I think that´s why I´m feeling a little in heaven haha. The garden outside of the temple is SO beautiful, full of mango trees and shade, and the PERFECT place to teach people! It´s also amazing the people you meet there! I`ve already bumped into some of the members from my first area and a sister that I knew in the CTM! 

This Tuesday, we stayed almost all day with a sister named Sister Saad. She was called to be a trainer and came to Recife to pick up her new companion. But, because only 1 new sister arrived this transfer, Sister Saad needed companions to stay with her while the new sister was arriving, and so, we were the chosen ones! So that meant an American breakfast at President´s house, a session at the temple, and Burger King afterwards! It was great :) 

I love my new investigators and right now we are teaching the sweetest family! Josie the mom and her two teenage daughters, and the dad, Celso and his daughter Yasmin. Everyone in the family are members except for Yasmin. The family has been inactive and Yasmin moved in to live with her dad recently. And so this week we´ve been working on reactivating the family and preparing Yasmin to be baptized! It´s been amazing to see God blessing them and helping them to change. Celso is a taxi driver and usually works on Sunday-- BUT, everyone was at church this Sunday and Celso is preparing himself to be able to baptize Yasmin!

I´m just so happy and love this work so much! My testimony of the temple has grown so much this week-- the peace that we can find there is real! I know that God loves us and is so aware of us and that every trial, every blessing-- EVERYTHING that He does for us is because He love us :) 

Love you all! Até o proximo! 
Sister Anderson 

p.s. I want to send pics SOOO badly, BUT this lan house is sketch. This week will proceed my hunt for a new lan house haha.