Monday, February 27, 2017

Pancakes, Samba, and Miracles

Well guys, it´s the week of Carnaval and... things have been pretty normal until now haha. We´ve been leaving at 9am and returning home 6pm. The streets have been pretty abandoned as all of the main Carnaval festivities are in another part of Recife. BUT, they are going to start happening here in our area now, and so I think my email might be a little different next week. But in the meantime, Sister Guimarães has been taking advantage of the opportunity to teach me how to Samba and we´ve made pancakes various times during the week. So that´s great. Haha

And as for the miracles! Wow, I really saw God blessing us! At the beginning of this week, this area was DEAD. DEAD GUYS. Seriously NO ONE was home and we weren´t finding anyone to teach. Buuut, lots of prayers and work and God puts miracles into our lives! As we continued working, we were able to find some awesome families to teach, and I am VERY excited to see how they´ll progress! 

One of our miracles from this week has been Rafaella! She is the friend of Lucas that he took to church two Sundays ago! She has been progressing wonderfully and is super excited for her baptism this Saturday! It´s amazing how prepared some people are to just accept everything about the Gospel! 

I had an experience at the temple this week that really touched me! We were at the temple to meet up with a couple members that were going leave with us to do visits that day. When we got there there was a big group of members from another state loading up all of their bags onto the bus to head back home. These people travel SO far and put so much preparation and sacrifice into being able to go to the temple! Attending the temple is definitely one of the greatest blessings we have and should not be taken for granted! 

I´m so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father that listens to and answers our prayers! I´ve really been able to feel this week just how real He is and just how much He loves us! 

Feliz Carnaval! 
Sister Anderson

Here are some photos from the last couple weeks! The first ones are from a super cool place called "O Alto do Sé" that we went to and the other one is from the baptism of Yasmin!