Monday, March 6, 2017

Carnaval had Ended!

Hey, guys! 

Carnaval is officially over, hallelujah! We survived with nothing too crazy happening, just a dead area haha. 

Monday and Tuesday, we had to go home early at night and no one, no one, no one was in the roads and sooo.. not much happened. Ha... And theeeen Wednesday, all ready to work! And BAM! Got sick. Had a fever all day, had to stay home... But hey, I got a really cool priesthood blessing from my district leader, Elder Santos, so that was nice :) 

This place had been pretty rainless until, this friday and saturday! Soooo much rain! Everyone knows how when it rains a lot, all of the worms come out and stay on the cement? Well, here something similar happens, but instead of being worms, they´re GIANT FLYING ANTS hahaha. They were seriously everwhere and sticking over us all day!! 

Saturday morning as we were walking with our umbrellas, the sun was coming out a little and a very old man, with shockingly short shorts, and very skinny legs came running past us and yelled, "cuidado com seus guardas de chuva para não bloquear a luz de Deus!" Translation: "Be careful with your umbrellas to not block out the light of God!" Gave us a good laugh but I also thought it was pretty wise! God is always trying to shine His light down on us, and we have to be careful to not block it out! 

Even though the week was pretty slow, Rafaella´s baptism made things all better! It was so sweet to see her willingness to follow the Savior and show that to Him through baptism! The ward was SUPER supportive and excited as well and so that was wonderful! 

I´m excited for another week of work to see what miracles God puts into our path! Don´t forget to put your umbrellas away and let God´s light and love shine down on you! Until next week! 

Sister Anderson 

Photos from Rafaella´s Baptism :)

The young man is a recent convert named Lucas!
He´s Rafaella´s neighbor and gave us the reference!