Monday, March 27, 2017

Missionary Week in Casa Forte!

Hey guys! 

This week was really special. We did a week of activities with the ward focussed on missionary work and we definitely had lots of cool experiences throughout the week! 

I think one of my favorite activites during the week was Wednesday night with the youth! We had a couple boxes of the Liahona (the church magazine) and went to a park to the side of the church and passed them out to people and wrote down their addresses for us to visit them afterwards! It was really cool to see the excitement of the youth and to walk around the park seeing people read the Liahona :) 

Tuesday was our (a cat just walked over my keyboard hahaha) Zone Conference! President Bigleow talked a lot about faith and having the faith to find the people that God is preparing to hear the Gospel. It was super cool :) And to make it even cooler, we had burritos for lunch! Haha. It´s been a while since I´ve had one of those, because, no, Brazilian food is not the same as Mexican food haha. 

Something suuuuper cool that happened! On the bus, going to Zone Conference, a guy named Junior started talking to me, said he had already known the church a little, and so I marked a visit with him. We went and taught him on Thursday, and it was so cool! Turns out he had attended the church for 3 months in João Pessoa and had recently moved to Recife! He already knows that everything is true and wants to be baptized! He had been wanting to go to church, but didn´t know where it was! God truly does put the people who are prepared to hear the Gospel into our path!! 

Sunday was cool :) It was the end of the missionary week where the goal was for everyone to take a friend, family member, neighbor, etc, to church. There´s quite a few families that we got to know and will be visiting this week! 

I´m sooooo excited for General Conference once again! Can´t believe that it´s already been 6 months since the last one!! I´m so grateful we have a living prophet and for the wonderful opportunity we have this weekend to receive personal revelation for our lives! I know that God loves us and knows each one of our needs! 

Love you all! 
Sister Anderson