Monday, April 3, 2017


Hey everyone! I loooooved this week and I hope everyone has enjoyed it as well! 

To start off, Sister Guimarães and I learned so much this week about exercising our faith to acheive the goals we make! Everyday, we made very meaningful goals of how many new investigators we would find and who we would mark for baptism and every day, we saw the hand of God making it happen! But we also learned a lot about how we have to do our part to act before God will help us! 

Another miracle from the week! DIEGO´S GOING TO BE BAPTIZED! I haven´t really talked about him before because I never thought that he was actually close to being baptized!! hahaha. He´s been an investigator and attending the Church here for about the last 6 months and doubts EVERYTHING. Let´s just say that he´s a complicated investigator. But he was finally able to receive an answer from God that the Church is true and it was really special to hear about how he received that answer. He´ll be baptized this Saturday and we´re very excited :) 

Like the title says, I just love General Conference so much, like I know everyone does! The Spirit and love from God I felt was just overwhelming. It truly is a moment where the heavens are very close to us :) I´m so grateful that we have a living prophet today to lead us and guide us! All of the words of the prophet and apostles were perfect and I could truly feel the Spirit testify in my heart that they were saying the things that God wants us to hear! And now we have the next 6 months to apply them in our lives and received the promised blessings! 

Love you all! 
Sister Anderson 

Awesome members of the ward that help us a lot, along with our recent convert Rafaella! 

A Sister who was in the CTM with me, but had to go home for medical reasons!