Monday, April 24, 2017

Going Strong in Casa Forte

Boa tarde gente! 

My good news of the week-- Transfers have come and gone aaaaaand I´m going to stay here in Casa Forte with Sister Guimarães another transfer!! This is her last transfer on the mission and so I´m super excited for the miracles we´re going to see! 

This week was good :) Nothing too exciting or out of the ordinary, but definitely very blessed! I think one of the best things has been teaching a woman named Silvania and her 16 year old daughter Sabrina! They are a reference that we received from a member a couple of weeks ago and I have been amazed by their eagerness and desire to learn about the Gospel! We invited Silvania to start reading the Book of Mormon from the beginning to the end... When we went there yesterday to visit her, do you know where she was?! The book of Mosiah!! Like a good chunk of the Book of Mormon read in just a couple days! She said that it was all she did one day and couldn´t put it down and that her family started to think she was going crazy! Hahaha. But goodness, I am so grateful that God puts people into our path who are so willing to follow Him and Jesus Christ and learn of their truths! There´s truly nothing greater :) You guys will definitely be hearing about their baptism here in a couple weeks :) 

For anyone who´s curious about what happened about the Chinese woman, Della, that showed up in church-- we weren´t able to contact her again this week! I think the number she gave to us is outside of the area and we aren´t able to get a hold of her. But I am DETERMINED this week to find her! If I have to, I will show up and the Chinese Consulate and ask if I can talk to her hahaha. I´ll let you all know how the hunt went next week! 

I love this Gospel!! I love being a missionary! There truly is no greater work we can do here on this earth than to help Heavenly Father´s children return to His presence! But that work has to start first with ourselves and in our families! I am so very grateful for the personal conversion that I have been able to experience on my mission and I´m so very excited to continue on in that progression! 

Love you all! 
Sister Anderson