Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 1 of the New Transfer

Hey guys! 

The beginning of this week was pretty crazy! Our house is pretty much the mission hotel-- during transfers there´s always a ton of sisters sleeping at our house. And so the first couple days of the week our house was full with 10 sisters haha. Kind of crazy, but it was all good because I got to see Sister L. Silva, one of my companions from Arcoverde! :) 

Silvania and her family are doing well! On monday we had a family home evening with them and some members from our ward and it was super fun :) Afterwards Sabrina, Silvania´s daughter, said that she wants to be Mormon! haha. We talked to them about baptism and Silvania and Sabrina are super excited :) We´re still working on the other members of the family, but the baptism will be happening here in a couple weeks!

Something that I loved this week was a lunch that we had with a missionary couple who are serving in the Recife temple! Usually the temple missionary couples give us money to eat in the temple cafeteria, but the temple is closed right now for maintenance and so we got to eat in the their little apartment on the temple grounds! They found out recently that he has cancer-- obviously something very difficult. But I was so extremely touched by the immense peace I could feel in their home and the love that they have for Heavenly Father. It´s hard to describe exactly how it was, but it made me so extremely grateful for a knowledge of Heavenly Father´s plan for us-- it brings a peace and happiness so great that we can overcome any difficulty or challenge in our lives. 

Aaaand the sad news... I was able to get in contact with Della, the Chinese woman. She said that she would be too busy for us to visit during the week, but that she would go to church on Sunday. Well... she didn´t go to church on Sunday... But it´s all good haha. The mission teaches you all sorts of things, including how to deal with dissapointment! 

I´m so grateful for the Book of Mormon! It´s impossible for me to read it without feeling the Spirit and feel God´s love! It always gives me the strength I need to make it through the day and remember that the Savior is always with us to strengthen us and lift us up! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that a daily study of it can make all the difference in our lives! 

Love you all!! 
Sister Anderson