Monday, April 10, 2017


To start off, everyone needs to understand just how much of a miracle it was that Diego was baptized! 

Diego is a young man, 18 years old, who started searching about the church about 9 months ago. When he started out, he was an Atheist-- didn´t even believe in God. It took him about 4 months to receive an answer that God is real. And after that, the last 5 months he has been searching for an answer that this is Christ´s church on the earth. During all this time, he has gone through many missionaries, has made MANY questions, and has played around a lot with the sisters haha. Various times, his "baptism" was planned and then he would show up just to say that he wouldn´t be baptized. And so, needless to say, when he told Sister Guimarães and I last week that he wanted to be baptized, we were a little hesitant haha. But guys, it really happened. He was baptized this Saturday and comfirmed on Sunday! The feeling I had as he entered the water was truly unreal. On Sunday, he bore his testimony about how he was able to receive a testimony and it was honestly one of the most powerful testimonies I´ve ever heard! I´m so grateful for the way that God works in our lives and can change any heart! 

This week has really strengthened my testimony of prayer! Saturday afternoon, we taught a brother and sister named, Adrielle and Atílio. The lesson was so wonderful! They understood so well the message of the Restoration. We invited them to Diego´s baptism and they said that they wanted to go! When we went back that night to pick them up for the baptism, the mom pulled us to the side, with tears in her eyes, and said that that afternoon, moments before we had arrived, she had been praying for God to "send her a light" to help her children, and then we showed up :) She said that she had never had a prayer answered so quickly before :) 

I know that God is real! I know that He hears and answers our prayers and loves everyone of us so very much! 

Love you all! 
Sister Anderson 

Photos from the baptism!!