Monday, April 17, 2017

An Easter Miracle!

Hey guys!! It´s been a really good week :) 

To start it off, on p-day we went to Pina, mine and Sister Guimarães first area, to visit some of our recent converts! It was a good drive down memory lane and was so wonderful to see the people we taught when we first arrived on the mission! (It was Sister Guimarães that found Camila and Fernando and then I arrived in the area in her place ad continued teaching them :))

Other fun activites from the week included a Zone Meeting, interviews with President Bigelow, a district activity where we all met up together in a park and talked to people and gave the magazines from the church, and eating a lot of fish!! To explain the fish part, it´s a tradition here to only eat fish during the Easter weekend! Kind of interesting, but also super delicious! haha

And to top it all off was our Easter miracle! We´ve all heard of Christmas miracles right? But apparently Easter miracles are real as well! On Sunday, at the end of our church meeting, a Chinese woman, named Della, showed up, only speaking English. And so I went to speak English with her (it was a challenge haha)-- So to the side of the church there´s a Chinese Consolute. Like a Chinese Embassy type thing-- I´m not going to pretend like I understand exactly what it is haha. But anyways, Della´s husband is the Chinese consul...? I still don´t know exactly what that is tood, but I´m pretty sure it´s cool haha. Like close to a Chinese embassador haha. But anyways! She started telling me how she always passes by the church and feels something really special, and so she wanted to learn everything she could about the church! We invited her to come back that afternoon and watch the other ward´s meeting with us and she went! The whole time I was really worried because I knew she wasn´t understanding anything and I didn´t want her to get bored and not want to come back haha. And so I prayed A LOT for her to feel the Spirit and that that would give her a desire to learn more. After the meeting, she explained to me that she could feel the Spirit and Jesus very strongly in her heart-- a great feeling of peace and comfort-- and how excited she is to come back next week! We´re going to visit her in her home tomorrow and I´m VERY excited to see how it´ll go :) 

I´m so grateful to have met Della, but I´m even more grateful for the Easter miracle that was given to everyone of us!-- The ressurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ! I add my testimony to the testimony that the Prophet Joseph Smith gave of him, "that He lives!". I know that the Savior lives. I know that He overcame death and becasue of that, we too will live again and be able to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father!

Love you all! 
Sister Anderson 

Milena and her girls!! 

Camila :D

My wonderfully hilarious district!