Monday, December 12, 2016

7 More Weeks in the Heat.

Bom dia minha família e amigos! 

Another transfer has ended and begun, and I´m still here in Arcoverde! And this time it´s going to be a transfer of 7 weeks! But, it´s all good because I get to stay here with my daughter (Sister L. Silva) and finish her training! But like the title says-- yes, it´s still hot. And only going to get worse. And yes, all of you will continue to hear about it as the weeks go by haha. 

This week was good! We have an investigator named Tamires and she is progressing SO well! We met her a couple of weeks ago teaching the reference of a member. She´s reading, praying, has already gone to church 3 times, and right now is marked for baptism on the 24th of December! She has 4 of the CUTEST little boys all within the ages of 2-7. We taught the 2 year old, Gustavo, how to shake hands and now he LOVES it. Tamires says that he walks up to everyone now and puts out his hand for them to shake it haha. 

I don´t think I mentioned this before, but Djanira, our recent convert, has been in São Paulo for the last 6 weeks to bring two of her grandaughters here to raise them... And she finally returned!! We started teaching her grandaughters and they´re SO cute. One of them has the age of baptism and when we invited her to be baptized she got so excited and said that she´s going to be "acheiving a dream" by "entering the waters" haha. It was super cute. 

After writing these two stories, I realized how grateful I am for children! They really bring a lot of joy into the work. Today I was studying Mosiah 3 that talks about how we need to become like children-- submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love-- and it´s so true. Everyone should study this chapter though! President Bigelow gave us some scriptures to read everyday to learn more about Christ before Christmas and Mosiah 3 is one of them. I think it became one of my favorite chapters today-- It explains PERFECTLY the life and mission of Christ. I know that His love for us is immense and that it truly is only through Him that one day we will be saved! 

Sunday we had a "multi-stake conference"-- I think it was a good chunk of Brazil that participated. We watched it via satellite. Despite some technical difficulties at the beginning... it was still really special. President Holland was there to speak and he´s been learning a bit of Portuguese. And so he started out his talk not using the translator, speaking his own Portuguese. He also ended with his testimony speaking Portuguese. I say this in the nicest way possible-- but his Portuguese was REALLY bad. BUT, the spirit was SO strong! It touched my heart so strongly! Even an apostle of the Lord has to learn and practice and progress-- Heavenly Father doesn´t just immediately give us the ability to do something if we have enough faith! But God really qualifies us-- because even when his Portuguese (and mine) had a horrible accent, the Holy Ghost carried his words to the heart of all of us. And that´s what matters. 

Espero que todo mundo tem uma ótima semana!! 
Amo vocês!!
Sister Anderson