Monday, December 19, 2016


I can´t believe Christmas is this week! This Thursday we´re going to have our Christmas Conference in Recife with the whole mission-- President is going to teach us about Christ´s Atonement and we´re gonna eat ice cream until we can´t eat anymore :) I´m pretty excited! 

This week was super good though! There´s another American in the house now! Woohoo! Sister Sanguino was transfered and so the new companion of Sister Santana is Sister Miller. She´s from Alabama, but was attending BYU before the mission too. It´s nice to have someone I can relate to a little more haha. 

I´m super excited for this coming week, because aside from the Christmas Conference and being able to talk to my family on Christmas... Tamires is going to be baptize! It´s been so so wonderful teaching her! When we started teaching her she liked to drink alcohol... A LOT. But she has made such an incredible change and now she is so excited and determined to be baptized! We´ve been teaching her boyfriend too, a man named Claudio. Wednesday night we read with them Mosiah 3 in the Book of Mormon, which explains very simply, but powerfully the life of Christ. I loved being able to watch them read together. So anxiously wanting to learn more about the Savior. I made me realize just how important He is. That it really is Him that makes the difference in our lives. And how big of a blessing it is that we have Christmas this week to remember Him and all that He has done for us! 

So, Rayane, the 9 year old grandaughter of Djanira, is just the cutest thing ever! This week when we asked her if she read the Book of Mormon and prayed to know if it was true, she said that she did "and that it was the happiest day of her life!" haha. Her prayer at the end also went a little like this... "Heavenly Father, thank you for leading me to your church. Because from the looks of it, this one is really good. And I don´t want to follow the wrong path.. so... thank you!" Haha. It´s a super big blessing to teach her too.

Everyone remember our recent convert, Fernando? Well, now he´s engaged to a woman in the church that teaches the Principles of the Gospel class! Funny how things work out like that.... But, I´m excited for them! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful wonderful week and a wonderful Christmas! Take time this week to truly study about the Savior and be grateful for all that He has done for you! I am so grateful for Him and for this opportunity I have to be a representative of Him here in Brazil! I know He lives and He loves us! I love you all!! 

Sister Anderson